Don’t Forget to Remember Yourself – Self Care Journal


The perfect intro to journaling, this book has prompts per page and at the end of every four weeks there’s a self knowledge exercise and a thought. It’s light on structure and things that make you feel guilty that you haven’t scribbled in two weeks. It simply aims to keep you in touch with yourself and allow you to have a reference to review over time…the prompts repeat and this gives you a great review barometer as to how you’re feeling and how things are changing for you.

It has been created and illustrated by She Designs, who, is a huge fan of writing it down, doodling it out, just allowing yourself to check in on paper regularly as a little touchpoint. Life’s hard these days and with so much social media and bad news it’s good to sit down, grab a mug of tea (herbal of course…well we are journaling people!) and put pen to paper, there’s something calming about writing things down, thoughts, feelings, random musings or something that happened that frustrates or elates you. Over time it becomes like a tiny bit of self care that restores a little bit of you that the world has chipped away…I know I’m a hippy at heart! This is a 52 week challenge, we’ve numbered the weeks and included recurring prompts, not to limit you to those topics just to invite you to jot down your feelings on these areas regularly so you can look back and review your upswings and downturns…we’ve all got ’em!


52 week journal. Structured in 4 week modules with a self care exercise and positive thought at the end of each cycle.

A5 Size, with sparkly foil text on cover.
134 Page journal broken up into 2 pages per week with rolling prompts per page and each week is numbered to keep you on track. It’s wiro bound so it opens nice and flat and it even feels supersoft and silky on the outside…you will want to stroke it!

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