My Whole Heart, For My Whole Life


This is a printed decorative ceramic tile, illustration by She Designs, printed by He Prints.

Every Mum will look at this and say Yes….even when I want to killya…I still loveya! So whether this is a Mothers day gift, a new mum gift, a just because you’re great mum gift or an I’m going to pop this on the nursery wall so they know how I feel gift…it’s just a great sentiment. This one definitely gives us the warm fuzzy feeling.

It comes in a lovely orange box and the great bit about our lovely decorative tiles is that they come with a unique wooden stand. It’s made from the offcuts from our friend and neighbour furniture restorer Terry Griffins workshop… this one really is an exercise in repurposing what would be thrown away.

And if you want to hang it on the wall, all you need is a standard plate hanging fitting, simples!

Size 165mm square

Supplied with recycled wooden stand

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Weight 500.1 kg