The Cooks Secret Journal


The Cooks Secret Journal

So everyone knows that great cook who has bits torn out of magazines, tucked into every corner, this is the perfect gift for them (most of them are known as Mum!) this is a cooks journal, each page has gridlines and a heading to tick, sweet, savoury, spicy so you can categorise at a glance. Then we have ingredients, how do i make it?, and a little remember section at the bottom for all those really important cooks notes that no one every knows! So if you’re only going to get 5 minutes alone with this book while your Mum answers the door…go straight to the sneaky tips section, that’s where all the good tips are!

This is a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, it’s basically your own cookbook when you’ve filled it! And such a nice thing to have to pass on to say a daughter who is a little less gifted in the culinary arts….yep She Designs Mum is being given one and a nice shiney new pen to get all the good stuff down on paper!

A5 Size, with canadian binding
80 page cooks journal printed with gridlines throughout with wipe clean laminated cover opens flat for ease of use.

Message along the spine of the journal reads The Cooks Confidential Journal of Fantastic Recipes and Secret Ingredients

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Weight 4 kg